An Accident


“How to make a good product? Make it and see if the people closest to you will use it.” Martijn’s girlfriend complained that her cheeks were red when the seasons changed, she felt that that her skin was getting thinner, accompanied by occasional acne, which had never happened before. Martijn realized that it might be caused by a facial cleansing device that she started using regularly. “Why can’t the cleansing device be gentler? It could clean the face without thinning the skin.” After communicating with Zehao, they decided to make a new product that could provide a gentle face wash.

How Ada Pro was born

When the two founders talked to a dermatologist about skin care, the doctor told them an analogy: our skin is like the soil, and the dirt in the pores can only be removed by squeezing and rubbing. Comparable to removing weeds from the soil, some of the soil is also removed which affects the nutritious ability of the soil. Therefore, many people who used a face wash device suffered from inflammation of the hair follicle, which causes skin sensitivity and acne.

The only way to make the cleansing milder while ensuring the effectiveness of the cleaning is to open the pores before cleaning and to shrink the pores after cleaning. Temperature has some ability to naturally open and shrink the pores, therefore the two founders decided to make their designs not only skin safe but also to use temperature.

After more than a year of research and development and 19 iterations of the prototype, Femooi finally released the finished product. In addition to using the safest FDA-certified silicone, it also included a metal head with adjustable temperature. The goal of this facial cleanser was to bring the user not only the ability to clean using high-frequency vibration, but also to provide care for every inch of delicate skin.

This was the birth of Femooi’s first cleansing product: Ada Pro.

Our next steps

After just one year on the market, femooi has already felt the strong demand for truly safe, high-quality, cost-effective beauty devices in this market.

The cooperation between the Femooi headquarters in the Netherlands and the marketing department of China’s femooi results in a focus on understanding and developing products that are suitable for Chinese women. Femooi is working hard to provide smarter beauty care experiences for every consumer.

Our founders

Zehao CUI - CEO

Founder of the brand Zhejiang Top Ten Industrial Designers Nottingham University Industrial Design Guest lecturer Worked at Philips Advanced Research Center Won the German Industrial Design Red Dot Award

Martijn ten Bhömer - CTO

Brand co-founder Ph.D. in Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology Worked at Microsoft Research, Deutsche Telekom, Bambi Medical Successfully developed multiple smart products